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Lost in Space! My First Novel (Aged 9)

I was delighted to find this piece of ‘art’ when digging through some old school folders. This was a homework assignment for my primary school. I cannot remember which grade, but this was a pretty creative assignment to give kids and I thought sharing this would make a wonderful way to kick off this blog.

The teacher seemed to like it.

Very fast paced story. Typical of myself, always in a rush.

“But what I saw made me cry, until I could cry no more.” I’m actually quite impressed by this line.

Always was one for suspense.

What a turn of events! I guess the aliens never considered that different species need different constraints.

Remember that ship from before? Like, just two pages ago?

I thought this was a pretty decent twist. Someone gets abducted by aliens and escapes, only for everyone to believe it was just a hoax?

Oh, what a surprise. It was all just a dream… How original.
…Or was it?

Bonus Page 1

Bonus page 2

About the Author.
A cocky little shit, although I got to admit that handwriting sure ain’t bad.

Well I hope you enjoyed this fun little post. It was nice to bring back old memories and to see what I was like as a youngster. As we all do when we go older, I have changed a great deal since then. But some things never change, that’s for sure.