Music Recommendations for the Twisted Soul

My favorite album picks from the last few years. From relaxing ambient/electronic music to extreme heavy metal, these are my recommendations in no particular order or fashion.

Subheim – ΠΟΛΙΣ (2020)
I believe this translates to “None”. Beautiful ambient down tempo music. Great for mediation. Super under-rated.

Tineidae – Exo (2020)
Beautiful ambient sci-fi inspired soundscapes.

Swarm Intelligence – Against the Dying Light (2019)
Experimental Drone Techno. It’s a bit of an acquired taste. His previous album titled ‘Rust’ was made entirely using sounds recorded from an industrial site and while it’s not perfect, I think that’s pretty cool. 

The Algorithm – Compiler Optimization Techniques (2020) This band produces some killer electronic riffs. If you don’t mind their use of a heavy distortion guitar.

Furi OST – (2016)
Epic, Energetic hard-hitting synth music. Some emotional tracks in this album by artists such as Danger and Waveshaper. Fantastic for brisk walks.

Parasyte – OST (2015)
Beautiful mix of calm piano music and upbeat electronic tracks, designed for the anime of the same name. Wonderful soundtrack compilation by musician Ken Arai.

Belief Defect – Decadent Yet Depraved (2018)
A little bass-heavy, but if you don’t mind the over-driven sound they have some pretty cool and unique electronic based tracks.  

Hexsystem – Interface OST (2019)
Ok, this one is a little bit different. This artist makes animated YouTube videos by the name of U M A M I which typically focus on surreal dark humor. Sometimes they can be a bit silly, but when he wants to, he can make some very deep and emotional videos with the music to fit.

Jim Gunthrie – Below OST (2018) A Simple but beautiful game soundtrack. Jim Gunthree has worked on a lot of games and it shows. His Sword & Sorcery Ep is also amazing.

Oak Pantheon – Sol (2018)
Beautiful acoustic neofolk. This band actually make both acoustic and black metal albums such as their alum ‘In Pieces’ released in 2016 which I also love.

Cattle Decapitation – Death Atlas (2019)

Moving on to the heavier metal genres now.

This album has got to be the album of the year for metal. The vocal ability of the lead singer makes this album stand out as an absolute masterpiece. It’s not often you hear this range of vocals in death metal, and this album absolutely kills it with really, really catchy riffs. Plus, I really dig the direction of the album’s theme (even if it’s a bit nihilistic). It’s nice to hear music with a message rather than your generic metal bands where making music as heavy as possible is the only thing that matters.

Rings of Saturn – Ultu Ulla (2017)
Insane album art, awesome metal. Need I say more?

Swallowed by the Sun – When a Shadow is Forced into the Light (2019)

Very beautiful metal with a focus on clean vocals. I found this album to be extremely high quality all round.

A Forest of Stars – Grave Mounds and Grave Mistakes (2018)
A very, very interesting band. Black-folk-metal influences with a… particular vocalist style. I personally enjoy this unique vocal style, but I can’t see it being for everyone. Nonetheless their instrumental skills in this album are spectacular in my opinion. 

Wolves in the Throne Room – Thrice Woven. (2017)

One of the heavy-weights in the black metal world and a king of blast-beats. Love the vocals and tone in this album with some beautiful lines throughout. It also has a great flow and variation between the different tracks.

Wilshire Corridor – The Fig and the Wasp (2019)
What I love about this band is the combination of heavy metal vocals and atmospheric synth. Every second track has a wonderful and emotional instrumental electronic track.  

Mesarthim – The Density Parameter (2018)
Epic Synth Black-Metal. This duo makes super energetic and epic symphonic metal. Very under-rated, but it seems they like being obscure.

Deafheaven – Ordinary Corrupt Human Love (2018)

Another band who wears the crown of black metal. Their guitar work and instrumental skills are god-like. Though I do admit I get a bit tired of the vocals at times, even if it’s what they are famous for.  

Converge – The Dusk in Us (2017)
My all-time favourite heavy metal band. If you’re into the heavy music scene, you won’t need an introduction to these guys. Jacob Bannon’s vocals go hard even after all this time, and their instruments are just godlike.

Rolo Tomassi – Time will die and love will bury it. (2018)
Rare female-led heavy vocals with lots of beautiful synth and clean singing in between.

La Dispute – Panorama (2019)
Emotional post-hardcore music. I particularly love this band for their unique approach to emotional lyrics, and their well anticipated return back to heavier style after only putting out softly spoken music for a while.

MeWithoutYou – [Untitled] (2018)
Very similar to La dispute, this alternative rock band also decided to return to their post-hardcore roots, and I thought that was just awesome.

That about wraps it up for my favorite albums which I am delighted to share with you. I know these albums are a bit on the unusual side, but I hope you were able to discover something new or different here! I strongly encourage purchasing any albums you enjoyed to support these hard working musicians.

All album artworks and releases are copyright to their original artists.